Posted on: June 6, 2017

Playground Opens at Ting Park


A playground adjoining the stadium is the latest addition to Ting Park. 

Ordinarily, the playground gate will be open sunrise to sunset, allowing entry directly from the parking lot. Parents will be responsible for supervising their children since no attendant will be watching over them. 

For Salamanders baseball games and other stadium events requiring tickets, the outside gate to the playground will close early and at no set time. Then the playground will be for families attending the game whose little ones are not ready to go nine innings sitting down. The playground has side and overhead netting to protect against foul balls. 

Restrooms are available near the tennis courts for when the stadium is not open.

Adjacent to the playground is a new batting cage that is reserved for baseball teams warming up for games in the stadium. Unlike the playground, the batting cage is only for those authorized to use it.

The playground has two play sets – one designed for ages 2-5 and the other meant for ages 5-12. To protect the playground surface and equipment and to help ensure safety, the following are prohibited:

  • Heavily soiled shoes and metal cleats
  • Food, nuts or seeds with shells, and drinks (except water)
  • Tobacco products
  • Any fire-producing device
  • Animals (except working dogs)
  • Glass bottles
  • Gum
  • Bikes, skateboards, inline skates or any other recreational apparatus with wheels
  • Batting, kicking, or throwing balls into fences or nets
  • Foul language, inappropriate behavior, and abuse of the facilities

The town is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged at the playground. Those with questions can contact the Parks and Recreation staff member on site or call Hunt Recreation Center at (919) 557-9600.

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