Mims Park Stormwater Device


Under design with project completion estimated in spring 2018


Southwest quadrant of Earp Street and Avent Ferry Road (Map)



A storm water collection and filtration area with accessories enabling it to double as a downtown gathering place. Proposed features include a stage, grass plazas, trails, water fountain, decorative columns, steps, lighting, and landscaping of trees and shrubs.

Estimated Cost

$2.4 million

More Details

The stormwater treatment device is expected to spark downtown development by providing federally-required stormwater treatment for more than 20 acres. The drainage area includes numerous developable properties.

Amenities included with the stormwater device would provide a place for community activities such as concerts and events, and also for walking and biking. The project includes some features envisioned in the Mims Park master plan.

A pump would maintain the desired water level during dry times.

The project includes widening Avent Ferry Road along the park property with sidewalk and streetscape.  


Town of Holly Springs Engineering Department
(919) 557-3938

Mims Park stormwater device