Planning In Progress

The Department of Planning & Zoning is responsible for working on projects that will shape the future of our town. Planning is progress toward our community’s shared vision for the future of Holly Springs, and this page highlights several projects that are underway. 

Vision Holly Springs Implementation

Guide for the future zoning of residential and non-residential development and community character, such as streetside plantings and gateways into town. 

Section 1: Future Land Use

Southern Area Southern Area Planning Initiative
Phase 1 of the study of this area will focus on community visioning. Phase 1 will result in a program to develop a strategy to update town policies and ordinances based upon the input received. The presentation of final findings from the study is scheduled for the Town Council's Feb. 20 meeting. 
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Map 1 of study area
Map 2 of study area
Contact: Planning & Zoning, (919) 557-3908

Section 4: Community Character

Wayfinding Signage Program
A series of “wayfinding” signs around Town will welcome visitors and new Holly Springs residents. The signs will showcase and direct people to the wide range of facilities around Town.
Community Character section of Vision Holly Springs
Contact: Gina Clapp, Planning & Zoning Director, (919) 557-3928

 Holly Springs Road | Sunset Lake Road Gateway Entrance
Gateways mark the primary entry points into the Town of Holly Springs. The intersection of Holly Springs Road and Sunset Lake Road, as a primary entrance into the Town of Holly Springs, will feature decorative welcome signs and landscaping to welcome residents and visitors. Gateway sign construction is anticipated to begin in spring, 2018.
Community Character section of Vision Holly Springs
Contact: Sean Ryan, Planner, (919) 557-2903

Appendix 1: Village District Area Plan

Village District Pocket Park
Enhancements to the Main Street streetscape will encourage further private investment in the Village District Area.  Planning & Zoning, along with Parks & Recreation and Public Works, is generating ideas for the revitalization of underutilized and vacant Town-owned parcels along Main Street into community pocket parks. Pocket parks may feature plaza areas, enhanced landscaping, public art, and/or benches, depending on site-specific design constraints.  
Village District Area Plan
Contact: Sean Ryan, Planner, (919) 557-2903

Unified Development Ordinance Amendments

Zoning regulations for all development and subdivisions

Section 7.01: Landscape Regulations

  Landscape/Open Space Regulations Assessment
The Town is exploring new ways to encourage the preservation of existing stands of trees and vegetation and open space within new residential subdivisions to enhance the quality of the built environment.
Current landscape regulations
Contact: Matt Beard, Planner I, (919) 557-4018

Development Procedures Manual Amendments

Development review procedures and processes, applications, review schedules and more

    2.0 Zone Map Amendment Procedures, and
    3.0 Subdivision Procedures, and
    4.0 Development Plan Procedures

      Planning and Engineering are working together in evaluating and modifying the Town’s development review procedures to specify when a Traffic Impact Analysis shall be completed prior to review by the Town’s Planning Board.
    Current Development Procedures Manual

    Contact: Gina Clapp, Planning & Zoning Director, (919) 557-3928

    3.04 Subdivision Amendments, and
    4.05 Development Plan Amendments

        Planning and Engineering are working together in streamlining the process for projects that require minor plan amendments once a development is under construction drawing review by the Department of Engineering. 
    Current Development Procedures Manual

    Contact: Gina Clapp, Planning & Zoning Director, (919) 557-3928

    Additional Planning Projects


    ZIP Code Reassignment

      Planning & Zoning is working with the US Postal Service to study a realignment of the ZIP codes in and around the northwest area of Holly Springs to match our Town Limits and future growth areas. Much of the northwest area of Holly Springs has a ZIP code that differs from Holly Springs, NC 27540. 
    Contact: Beth Trautz, Planning & Zoning Services Administrator, (919) 557-3929
    Census 2020

    2020 US Census Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program 

      Planning & Zoning works with the US Census Bureau to provide an accurate address database for the Holly Springs Planning Jurisdiction. The Census Bureau requires strict confidentially of all census-related information, including individual addresses. Staff participating in updating the address database have special protocols, sign confidentiality and security guidelines, and ensure the safety of this data. This protected address database is for the US Census only and cannot be shared with any other government agency, any company or the public. 
    Contact: Beth Trautz, Planning & Zoning Services Administrator, (919) 557-3929