Strategic Plan

Town of Holly Springs
Fiscal Year 2019-20 Strategic Plan

The purpose of the strategic plan is to articulate the Mayor and Council's overall desired character and quality of the community (vision statement) and outline the most important priorities for the organization. In other words, a strategic plan provides the 'roadmap' to guide the organization forward.


Holly Springs offers an unmatched quality of life that reflects the joys of small town living in a safe, family-friendly community that residents and businesses are proud to call home.

Strategic Priority Areas

  • Economic Prosperity & Diversity
  • Engaged, Healthy & Active Community 
  • Organizational Excellence 
  • Responsible & Balanced Growth 
  • Safe & Friendly 

Economic Prosperity & Diversity 

Holly Springs provides a climate where a wide variety of businesses thrives with economic opportunity for all.   

1.    Enhance, attract, and engage diverse economic development opportunities.

  • Initiative 1.1: Concentrate business recruitment efforts in the target industries of Wake County Economic Development, specifically Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, IT & Technology, and Clean Tech & Smart Grid.
  • Initiative 1.2: Pursue site-readiness programs and infrastructure investments to boost the attractiveness of the Town’s strategic sites.
  • Initiative 1.3: Host a collaboration event for local entrepreneurs in conjunction with WRAL Techwire to build business partnerships and showcase opportunities in Holly Springs.

2.    Create a vibrant downtown center.

  • Initiative 2.1: Update Downtown Development Incentives Policy and associated development tools to attract mixed-use housing, office, employment, shopping and entertainment opportunities.
  • Initiative 2.2: Facilitate multi-modal accessibility to the downtown center, with an emphasis on walkability, pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Initiative 2.3: Be a development resource to small businesses, start-ups and artisans that provide unique experiences and products.

3.    Seek partnerships to drive economic development.

  • Initiative 3.1: Proactively engage with the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce, Wake County Economic Development, and other strategic business partners to promote the advantages and opportunities of doing business in Holly Springs.
  • Initiative 3.2: Attract business partners that support amateur sports, hospitality and leisure tourism activities. 

Engaged, Healthy, and Active Community 

Holly Springs promotes fulfilling and rewarding lifestyles with abundant, healthy living options.  

1.    Improve, expand, and seek partnerships for recreational and cultural opportunities.

  • Initiative 1.1: Expand community events and programs at Ting Park, and other Town amenities, by strengthening relationships with local and regional sports, recreational, and cultural organizations.

2.    Plan, design, build, and maintain a comprehensive system of sustainable facilities, greenways, and park spaces to high standards, providing attractive places that people use and enjoy.

  • Initiative 2.1: Expand parks, greenways and open space through the implementation of the remaining 2011 Parks and Recreation Bond.
  • Initiative 2.2: Increase equitable access to park facilities, amenities, greenways and open space and ensure new development serves the needs of the Town’s diverse and growing population.
  • Initiative 2.3: Update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to address dynamic parks, facilities, open space and greenways town-wide with the integration of natural resource management and integrated sustainability practices.

3.    Develop community events and programs that ensure wide appeal of activities for residents.

  • Initiative 3.1: Enhance inclusivity of educational/recreational program opportunities for populations such as seniors, teens, as well as people of all abilities and economic means.

Organizational Excellence 

Holly Springs is a leader in responsible government with a high-performing organization that meets the public service needs of its residents.

1.    As an employer of choice, we will retain and recruit a highly skilled workforce. 

  • Initiative 1.1: Invest in employee professional growth and development through continuous training, certifications, education, and professional accreditation.
  • Initiative 1.2: Provide competitive pay and benefits that retains and recruits top talent. 
  • Initiative 1.3:  Expand employee diversity and inclusion.

2.    Leverage technology and innovative business approaches to enhance customer service and improve business efficiencies. 

  • Initiative 2.1: Invest in technology such as 311 system, agenda management software, public information request web portal and the Town’s website to improve internal efficiencies and external customer experience.
  • Initiative 2.2: Create and apply data-driven decision-making tools, including performance management and benchmarking, to enhance strategic and daily service delivery management.
  • Initiative 2.3: Develop streamlined customer engagement processes for simple building or renovation permit requests and specialized customer service approaches to assist non-building industry experts in navigating permitting processes.

3.    Expand community engagement.

  • Initiative 3.1: Expand and simplify digital access to town information.
  • Initiative 3.2: Expand presence in the community, both in-person and virtually, to ensure residents have accessibility to their local government.

4.    Ensure financial stewardship. 

  • Initiative 4.1: Update and apply financial best management practices such as internal controls, budgetary enhancements, and asset management.
  • Initiative 4.2: Enhance financial metrics and policies to achieve credit rating upgrades that in turn lead to the lowest borrowing costs for taxpayers.
  • Initiative 4.3: Develop new Town-wide risk management program and reduce the Town’s risk exposure and actual risk liability experiences.  

Responsible and Balanced Growth

Holly Springs will continue to plan for future infrastructure and support a quality, balanced mix of land uses, while preserving its small town charm, characteristics, and history.

1.    Plan, maintain, and invest in infrastructure. 

  • Initiative 1.1: Develop a 5-year Capital Investment Plan that connects infrastructure needs and capital maintenance with available revenue sources.
  • Initiative 1.2: Determine the future location of a new Public Works Complex and invest in associated architectural design services.
  • Initiative 1.3: Design and construct 2018 Transportation Bond projects.

2.    Support land use planning and policies that provide for sustainable and economic growth while balancing small town characteristics.   

  • Initiative 2.1: Establish housing affordability goals and assess what tools and resources exist in North Carolina to achieve a broad range of housing options.
  • Initiative 2.2: Complete update to the Future Land Use and Community Character Plan to align zoning regulations to community vision.

3.    Promote sustainability initiatives to protect natural resources and preserve community historical and environmental assets.

  • Initiative 3.1: Create a sustainability action plan for town operations and facilities.
  • Initiative 3.2: Pursue local and state tools, resources, legislation and policies that enhance historical preservation efforts. 
  • Initiative 3.3: Invest in reclaimed water utilization efforts to enhance conservation of natural resources.
  • Initiative 3.4: Attain Tree-City USA designation.
  • Initiative 3.5: Develop a water, sewer and reclaimed asset management plan to ensure system integrity and identify needed maintenance and investments to handle future growth. 

4.    Partner with neighbors to promote smart regional infrastructure investments.

  • Initiative 4.1: Support an efficient and connected local and regional multi-modal transportation system through engagement on projects including the I-540 Southeast Extension and Wake Transit Plan.
  • Initiative 4.2: Secure funding partnerships with County, State and Federal agencies to leverage local funds for transportation and parks and recreation infrastructure investments. 
  • Initiative 4.3: Invest in a comprehensive watershed management plan to include stormwater programmatic needs and capital investment.
  • Initiative 4.4: Engage with Wake County, and other organizations as necessary, to promote best practices of waste management at the South Wake Landfill.

Safe & Friendly 

Holly Springs is one of the safest communities in North Carolina with a welcoming spirit and inviting atmosphere.  

1.    Maintain the Town’s high level of public safety. 

  • Initiative 1.1: Ensure a high level of emergency preparedness through update of the Holly Springs Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Initiative 1.2: Promote community-policing philosophy with an emphasis on programs where residents, businesses, and the Holly Springs Police Department can engage and collaborate.
  • Initiative 1.3: Invest in planning and development of Fire Station #3 to enhance the level of fire and medical response and emergency readiness.

2.    Plan for adequate public infrastructure that promotes a safe community.

  • Initiative 2.1: Deploy pedestrian safety devices and traffic control measures to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Initiative 2.2: Design a network for an innovative and intelligent transportation system with NCDOT.
  • Initiative 2.3: Update the Utley Creek Water Reclamation Facility 8 MGD Master Plan for sewer capacity needs.

3.    Enhance capability to communicate public safety messages to the public.

  • Initiative 3.1: Coordinate and expand public safety messages in town communications, such as print materials, social media, and public meetings formats to ensure all audiences are reached. 

4.    Cultivate a creative and friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to all cultures and the diversity of our residents and visitors.

  • Initiative 4.1: Enhance citizen engagement and outreach events for police and fire.
  • Initiative 4.2: Identify innovative and receptive approaches to engage communities that are traditionally underserved. 
  • Initiative 4.3: Create communications and marketing materials and an online platform welcoming new residents to our community and introducing them to local services, information, events and activities.