Grant Program

The Holly Springs Town Council provides limited funding for local.civic organizations and regional ones that provide services to Holly Springs residents.  Organizations may apply for up to $2,500 in funding, and favor is applied to groups that apply for less. To apply, each organization should fill out and submit a completed Civic Organization Grant Program application, a current year budget and an independent financial audit.  For groups applying for more than $500, a financial statement of assets and liabilities / net worth also is required.  This Excel worksheet can assist in this task.

The deadline for the FY2017-18 grant program is April 20.

Grant awards will be issued in late May or early June.

This program is provided because the Town Council recognizes the work and sense of community provided by organizations.  At the same time, the Council is required by the State of North Carolina Constitution to spend tax dollars on things only of a public purpose. Those who apply are encouraged to answer this question in their applications:  "How will this money be used to benefit the public?"

More Details

The following are eligibility requirements and rules set by the Town Council for the Local Civic Organization Grant Program:

Who May Apply

  • Non-profit agencies that hold or have applied for 501(c)(3) tax status and that have been in existence with a credible history of financial responsibility for at least two years.  Evidence of 501(c)(3) status should be provided in the grant application (either the 501(c)(3) number; a copy of the 501(c)(3) applications; or a sworn affidavit.)
  • Applicant organizations that have not been in existence for 2 years or that have not obtained or applied for 501(c)(3) status may apply under the umbrella of another eligible agency that will serve as the applicant and provide fiduciary responsibility.
  • Private individuals or groups requesting funding for capital improvements, enhancements or landscaping on Town-owned or Town-leased property.  Such applications will be subject to the prior-approval of the Town department(s) in charge of said Town property before submission of an application for funding.  (Example:  If a group wishes to apply for funding to beautify a local town park, please get prior approval of the landscaping project from the Parks and Recreation Department prior to submitting your application.)

Grants May NOT Be Used For:

  • Support of any activity that does not serve a public purpose.
  • To financially benefit any one person or group of persons.
  • To support any election campaign, political party or political activities.
  • To support any activity or group that discriminates based on religion, cultural background, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.

Grant Limitations and Accounting Requirements:

  • An applicant agency’s prior year independent financial audit, if available, should be provided with any application requesting more than $500.
  • An applicant agency’s current year operating budget must be provided with any application requesting more than $500.
  • All information requested on the grant application must be supplied or adequate reason given as to why information is not provided.
  • All applications, including financial information provided, are public records upon submission to the Town, and therefore subject to public inspection upon request.
  • Any additional information requested by the Town’s finance department will be provided upon request.
  • Receipts do not have to be provided to the Town; however, a general accounting of how Town funds were expended during the year must be submitted along with the agency’s grant application in the following year in order for the applicant agency to be considered for future funding.  This is item 4B in the attached application.
  • The Town may award the entire amount, any portion or none of the funds requested in any application.
  • The Town may or may not allocate all funding available in the Special Programs Contributions item of the budget.
  • Applicant agencies should not anticipate that funding will be made in future years and should not plan annual budgets that would depend on funding from the Town, as that may not be possible.

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria and any other criteria agreed upon by the Town Council:

  • Grant funds will be spent for a public purpose.
  • The agency, project or event receiving support will be reasonably available to all citizens of Holly Springs
  • Funding from the Town will amount to no more than $2,500.
  • Higher scoring will be provided to locally-based applicant agencies or to agencies that have a tangible impact on life in Holly Springs.
  • Higher scoring will be provided to applicants that request $500 or less
  • The Town is not obligated to allocate all funding available in the Special Programs Contributions line item
  • The Council may award all, a portion of or none of an applicant’s request
  • Applicants should not anticipate annual funding, as it may not be made available in every budget year.
  • Favor will be given to agencies that do not increase the amount of a request from the previous year.
  • Council may, in its discretion, evaluate any application without regard to the provisions of this policy
  • The Council may appoint a pre-screening committee to pre-sort and pre-analyze grant applications for recommendations by the Council as a whole.

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