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  1. Yard Waste Collection Delayed Due to Equipment Breakages

    Collection of grass clippings and other lighter yard waste (leaves, pine straw, etc.) is running behind due to broken equipment. Read on...
  2. Council Approves Additional Temporary Parking Downtown

    The Holly Springs Town Council approved entering into a lease agreement for temporary use of a vacant lot downtown for additional public parking at its June 5 meeting, among other business. Read on...
  3. Downtown Project Prompting Extended Road Closures

    Downtown portions of Avent Ferry Road and West Ballentine Street close Monday, June 4 for utilities construction related to the public-private development project under way next to Town Hall. Read on...
  4. Town to Apply for Approval to Hold Transportation Bond Referendum

    At its May 15 meeting, the Holly Springs Town Council adopted a resolution authorizing staff to apply to the Local Government Commission for approval to hold a $40 million transportation bond referendum. Read on...
  5. Draft Study of Utility Development Fees Online

    A consultant has drafted a study required by a new state law that sets out how water and sewer development fees are calculated for new homes and businesses in Holly Springs. Read on...
  6. Town Council Considers Transportation Bond Referendum

    The Town Council has heard residents’ concerns about traffic congestion and wants to give them a voice in determining how the town responds with solutions. Read on...
  1. Jun 18
  2. Fall Youth Soccer Registration

    HSPR Youth Soccer Registration opens on 6/18 for residents and 7/2 for non-residents. For more info visit http://www.hollyspringsnc.us/DocumentCenter/View/22090/Fall-2018-flyer
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  1. Jun 19
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  3. Budget Public Hearing

    The Holly Springs Town Council will receive public input on the town manager's proposed FY 2018-19 budget. A copy of this is on file in the Town Clerk's office and can be viewed online at www.hollyspringsnc.us.
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  1. This Week in Government

    Holly Springs Town Council | June 19, 7 p.m.

    The Holly Springs Town Council meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Town Hall. Meeting agenda »